Visual Arts

Visual arts can be a powerful discipline to support success throughout a student’s education, both within and outside of school settings. We experience visual arts each day, whether through our own creativity or everyday objects, such as the design of a cereal box or logo of a favorite sports team.


As children and adults learn to create, respond and connect to their surroundings, experiences with visual arts help them to gain skills that positively impact their life. 

Visual Arts classes at the Yocum Institute are led by experienced working artists who provide a safe and encouraging environment for students of all ages and all skill levels to learn and improve observation skills, become fearless problem solvers, stretch the imagination, and master skills in the student’s preferred medium.

Classes run from 1 day workshops to 10 week courses.

Class options include but are not limited to acrylic, watercolor and oil paints, clay, 3-dimensional and anime drawing.

Private and semi-private lessons are available. Private rates are $46 per hour ($44 for members) and $23 per half hour ($22 for members).

For questions or to register for private classes please contact or call 610.376.1576, ext 201.

Please note that class material fees may be an additional cost.

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