David Edgar Guest

David Edgar Guest, Evening Reception has a BA in Theatre with Graduate studies in Directing and has directed, acted, designed, worked in backstage and front of house assignments, puppetry and promotional work for numerous theater companies and productions both here and out of state. Currently in his third decade as the Producer and Host of “BACKSTAGE” on Berks Community Television, he is a strong advocate of the arts for both artists of all disciplines and current and future audiences and believes that knowing something about the creative process creates an appreciation for what an audience member sees whether a person is a spectator or a participant. Guest believes (knows) that any person can personally benefit from classes in the arts as another way of approaching a problem or gaining self-assurance and poise for whatever line of work one may pursue. He knows that belief in oneself begins in the formative years and is one of the building blocks for a happy and successful life and that the arts are an essential part of that growth & development.