Current Exhibit:
Elaine Soltis

September 14 – October 19, 2019

Opening Reception:
Friday, September 13 – 5:30-7:30PM

Elaine Soltis is a Contemporary Mixed Media Artist, Studio 211, at the Goggle Works Center for the Arts, an Instructor with online videos, 25 year Member of Actors’ Equity, and an Interviewing Host for “Lively Arts at the GoggleWorks,” for BCTV, Reading, PA.

Elaine writes:  Refuge and solace are found while experiencing the beauty and energy of nature.  Living in the wooded surroundings of the Nolde Forest, Pennsylvania, and the past wonders of the Puget Sound, Seattle, and Lake Erie, Cleveland, have taught lessons of an exploratory approach to Art…What is the story?..How am I experiencing this moment?

How has it changed my mood?  Design follows, with the best motivation being that of my soul. My discipline as a Painter was cultivated through the practice of Reiki, Usui Tradition.  This wellness orientation influenced my life and art, often surprising me.

The halfway point, often finds me stumbling and ready to give up.  It is just then, that the true challenge has turned the corner and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

I have been captured completely by the breath of Life and I am humbled. It is not by my hand, but by that which is so much greater…Please know, I am just like you.  Waiting, watching, and wishing for our world to walk in true beauty, once more.

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