2017 Camps: Summer Arts Connection


Explore the Arts: Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Arts…  all combine into fun filled weekly themes – learn something new EVERY DAY!

No week is ever the same.
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Early Arts (2-3 yrs)

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2017 Multi-Arts Camps

The “I don’t want to choose, I want it all” program. Week-long half or full day camps infuse visual arts, dance, music, and theater into weekly themes. 

IMG_5587For ages 3-10 yrs… Each theme uses the arts as a platform for exploration and innovation to grow critical thinking skills and discover how powerful the imaginative voice can be. Camps are led by Professional Teaching Artists who are chosen for their knowledge of their art form and their great skill as teachers. We also have special guest teachers throughout the summer that bring expertise in other fields that are not typically thought of as connecting to the arts. (all teachers listed below are subject to change without notice)

Weekly Rate:

Full Day Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-4:30 PM:  $225 ($210 members)
Half Day Monday -Friday  9:00 AM-12:30 PM or 1:00 PM -4:30 PM $155 ($140 members)

To Register online, click on name of camp or print and mail registration form.

 June 12-16 – CLOSED

IMG_6436SA14 AM Musical Mix-UP
Hands-on instrument playing, dance as we mix up styles. How does sound change using different shapes and sizes. How do colors blend in different textures?  Peek into the lives of famous musicians and explore how they found their inspiration as we find out own to create new melodies to share.

SL14 PM Midsummer Dreamcatchers
Calling all from the land of magic where dreams live.  Mischief, silliness and word play abound as we explore our dreams through music, painting, mosaic, movement and theater.

SS14 – Full Day All Week  8:30 AM-4:30 PM (combines both themes above) click on camp name or

June 19-23

IMG_4628SA24 AM Tiny Worlds and Miniature Masterpieces
Small scale art of the masters combine with a little movement, mayhem and music as you express all that is you.

SL24 PM Lords, Ladies & Knights of the Round Table
Our Knights, Wizards, Princesses, Unicorns & Kings will explore the days of yore… its art, creatures and its inventions: including the original printing press and tonal music. We will learn about the beauty of the Renaissance era and its mysteries.

SS24- Full Day All Week  8:30 AM-4:30 PM (combines both themes above)

June 26-June 30

IMG_9561SA34 AM Science Lab: Superpowers Revealed
Partnering with the American Chemical Society’s Gregglyn Gibbs, we intersect the arts and science. Research and experiment with superhero senses and instruments that expand our natural selves.  Be ready to make some “STEAM” out of “STEM.”

SL34 PM Found Object Sculptures
Have an interesting item from home? Use it! Or discover one of our objects to incorporate. Have lots of fun trying out different art materials and found objects to create an original sculptural piece of art. Use the concept of sculpture in music composition, creative movement and theater.

SS34 Full Day All Week  8:30 AM-4:30 PM (combines both themes above)

July 10-14

DSC_0327SA54 AM Stealthy Spaghetti and Fruit Ninjas
Orange sculptures, pudding paintings, marshmallow “dodge ball”, how long will spaghetti stick to the ceiling? You may never look at a dinner plate the same way again. (students with food allergies, please connect with the Camp Director before enrollment)

SL54 PM Animal Safari
Stomp to the jungle beat and tame the Wild Things without blinking once or maybe just be a wild thing of your own! Explore percussion, movement, Rousseau’s Jungle and hear the lion’s roar.

SS54 Full Day All Week 8:30 AM-4:30 PM (combines both themes above)

July 17-21

SA64 AM Fantastic Beasts and Mystical Monsters
Join us on a weeklong quest filled with magic and adventure.  Careful, you just might come home with a pet Dragon!

SL64 PM Cuteness Overload
Pokémon, Beanie boos, Hello Kitty and cuteness surrounds our pop culture. Now it’s our turn. What makes cute, cute? Hint: it starts with a smile. Make something cute and snugly, learn some cute dance moves and play.

SS64 Full Day All Week 8:30 AM-4:30 PM (combines both themes above)

July 24-28

IMG_5606SA74 AM Sticks, Stones & Cavemen
Blast back to the past! How would you survive, when you have nothing and need to make it all? We will learn our own new way of communication through movement, drawing, creative drama and music.

SL74 PM Hip Hop, POP! Art on the Move
Blow marshmallows across the room through a tube? Splatter painting with drumsticks? Yes! This will be a VERY messy week, dress appropriately. Pop it: off the page – through music – in your body – and off the stage.

SS74 Full Day All Week  8:30 AM-4:30 PM (combines both themes above)

July 31- August 4

2SA84 AM It’s an EMOJI World
Summer fun and joy. Create an emoji just for you, act out the emotions of these little emoticons and, ask yourself, what are those little guys thinking?

SL84 PM Art Dog – Murals and Giant Art
By day, Arthur is a mild-mannered museum guard; by night, his alter ego, Art Dog, is a mysterious artist who makes the city his canvas. Make the art of all disciplines on the largest scale.

SS84 Full Day All Week 8:30 AM-4:30 PM (combines both themes above)

August 7- 11

SA94 paintingwithfeetAM Atlantis and Deep Sea Treasures
A disappearing island, mischievous mermaids and mysteries of the deep sea inspire this week of treasure and tales of the sea.

SL94 PM Storybook Creations
Together we will journey into our own new story and learn the basic elements of constructing a narrative, its characters and world.

SS94 Full Day All Week  8:30 AM-4:30 PM (combines both themes above)

August 14- 18

DSC_0423SA04 AM Shiny Things and other Distractions
Glittering gold, silver sparkles, music and… squirrel! This camp will feature the things that distract us and fun that living in the moment brings.

SL04 PM The Great Escape
Patterns in the escape room? We are on our very own adventure this week as we challenge ourselves through musical, artistic and movement clues that reveal our final reward.

SS04 Full Day All Week  8:30 AM-4:30 PM (combines both themes above)


Theater Performance & Visual Arts

Specialty Camps for ages 10-15 (Broadway Jr. for 8-15)

See description for times, dates and number of weeks

To register online, click on name of camp or print and mail registration form.

Programs that focus on skill building in addition to rehearsal through performance process. Work with Professional Directors, Actors, Dancers & Artists who are highly skilled in their art form, as well as, their teaching ability.  

June 12-16 – CLOSED

SV13 Acting for Film 10-17 yrs
Acting for live theater versus for film utilize a different set of skills. Learn how the techniques differ and where they cross over. We will explore this through commercial scripts, sit com and dramatic teleplays and movie dialogue. A fun introduction and a wealth of knowledge to be gained in one short week.
9:00-12:30 $155 ($140 members)
SH13 Claymation Animation: Tiny Worlds 10-15 yrs
Young artists explore the fascinating process of Claymation. Learn techniques to make their own films as they experiment with found and materials such as wire armature, paper, fabric and clay. Students will storyboard and shoot a class film project. 1:00-4:30 $155 ($140 members)
SL23 Full Week, Combines both Camps Above, All Day, 9:00-4:30 $215/$195 members

June 19-23

SA23 History Has its Eyes on You 10-15 yrsDSC_0398
Using the written word as an outlet for positive expression, we use our unplugged time together to create something special. Using fun writing prompts, journaling, inspiration from the world, current local events, and each other, students will write for and share their own literary newsletter, filled with short stories, poems, illustrations and more. It’s your history, take a shot.  9:00-12:30 $155 ($140 members)
SL23 Face Off – Portrait Rewind 10-15 yrs


Explore all that makes you, you. Create fantastical representations of all the “masks” you wear. Visual arts projects include creating self-portraits through a variety of artistic styles looking at the work of master portrait artists. Did you look in the mirror today?  1:00-4:30 $155 ($140 members)
SH23 Full Week, Combines both Camps Above, All Day, 9:00-4:30 $215/$195 members

June 26-30 

SH43 Musical in a Week 10-15 yrsIMG_0567
A workshop for the very brave! An intensive with Theater, Dance & Voice Professionals, all experience levels are welcome as we create a musical in a week, with costumes and a set.  This workshop ends with showcase for friends and family. Bring along your favorite sheet music from the musical theater genre to share and it just might make it in the show… maybe even a few moments from Hamilton. This workshop ends with a showcase for friends and family.   9:00-4:30 $215/$195 members

July 10-28

BW52 Broadway JR: Doctor Dolittle  (3 wks) (8*-15 yrs)
WAIT LIST ONLY (as of 3/29/17) Please call 610-376-1576 or email Registrar@institute-of-arts.org to be placed on the list. We will call all enrolled to confirm their attendance in early June and notify wait list students as places become available.
A large cast with lots of named roles and special moments for everyone.  Training in dance, voice and acting culminate in a fully staged production at the Miller Center for the Arts. Under the direction of Debbi Silas with Joel Gori, Kristina Dennis and other theater professionals.The classic tale of kindness to animals trots, crawls and flies onto the stage in Doctor Dolittle JR. All of the characters we’ve come to love through the stories of Hugh Lofting and the magical movie musical are given new life in the stage version. Mon – Fri. 9-4:30
Performances at the Miller Center for the Arts July 28 at 7PM & 29   (*must be going into 2nd grade and a secure reader)
$375/ $360 members Cost includes: Show T-shirt and 2 tickets to any performance. Addtl’ Tickets $10 each

July 31- August 10

SH83 Theater Performance non-musical (2 wks) 10-15 yrs IMG_0809
Urban Myths and Legends from the Pied Piper of Hamelin who made a entire town of children disappear to more contemporary stories of today. For the student who is serious about  who loves to explore through acting and grow onstage. Led by Joel Gori, build the skills that can be used for a lifetime of creating believable roles. The final day will have a showcase performance for friends and family. Taking existing scripts and stories, we will weave our theater piece together based on the experience level and interests of the students enrolled. 9:00-4:30 $250/$240

Week of 14-Aug

SV03 Great Escape
Create Escape rooms, riddles and clues to solve. In this free form camp, all will have the opportunity to focus on the art forms that interest them the most.  9:00-12:30 $155 ($140 members)

SH03 Improv and Sketch Comedy
It’s playtime! Dive into Improv and Sketch Comedy. Explore your wacky side!  Learn techniques to create believable characters and moments onstage.  Find ways to make your audience laugh and connect with you. On the final day of the workshop, we will hold an evening of Improv for your family and friends to join the laughter. 1:00-4:30 $155 ($140 members)
SH03 Full Week, Combines both Camps Above, All Day, 9:00-4:30 $215/$195 members


Early Arts for 2-3 years

DSC_0003Children’s favorite books inspire, art projects, music, movement and theater games. Our youngest campers create in a nurturing and caring environment in our drop-off program. Held primarily in a preschool room, our Early Childhood Campers experience everything the multi-arts camps have to offer. Led by Miss Tammy for their daily experiences and art projects, she is supported by and aide and Teaching Artists that come to the children for music, theater and travel with them to a dance studio for creative movement and out to the playground. Professional staff combines the art forms to promote socialization, early literacy skills and a lot of FUN.

Weekly, Monday- Friday 9:00-11:30AM $130 ($120 members)
June 12-16     ST11 The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle
June 19-23 ST21 Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll
June 26-30  ST31 The Circus Alphabet by Linda Bronson
No Camp the week of July 3-7
July 10- 14    ST51 Just How Long Can a Long String Be?! by Keith Baker
July 17-21    ST61 If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff
July 24-28   ST71 Waiting Is Not Easy! by Mo Willems
July 31- August 4   ST81 The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! by Mo Willems
August 7- 11   ST91 Art Dog by Thacher Hurd
August 14- 18 ST04 Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw

Summer Arts Core Teaching Faculty

Tammy Braunsberg, Twos & Threes/ Visual Arts – is a designer/painter specializing in murals, set design, decorative paint finishes and the drawing and painting of animals. She has studied at Anvil Art Studio and Kutztown University and is an experienced instructor of children and adults. At the Institute she teaches children’s classes and outreach programs.

Ann Burkot, Dance – is a 2011 Kutztown University graduate with her BA in Dance Production and Management, and already received her Dance Certificate. At Kutztown, Ann was on the Lenhart Dance Company for two years, as both a dancer and choreographer. The company worked with professional choreographers, such as Karen Fuhrman, of Grounded Aerial and Roger Prince of the Ailey School. Ann demonstrated college level ballet classes and a yoga class for Prof. Joyce Campbell.

Christine Cieplinski, Theater –  M.Ed . is an avid educator, performer, and comedian, who has worked Off-Broadway, regionally and locally. She currently performs in a touring two-woman comedy wherein she plays 14 different characters. Ms. Cieplinski is the President of Cherry Herring Entertainment Company for which she directs and produces stage shows geared towards young actors and audiences, as well as, plays that serve as major fundraisers for local, regional, national and international non-profit organizations.

Kristina Dennis, Dance – graduated from Cedar Crest College in 2007 with a B.A. in Dance. She was a member of the Cedar Crest College Dance Company, performing in the modern, ballet, tap and jazz ensembles. She also performed in five student companies as well as having her own. Kristina was a founder and the president of the CCC chapter of Nu Delta Alpha (a dance education honors society). She has taught dance to all ages in a variety of styles, since the age of 16. She also choreographed a musical at Raub Middle School in Allentown, PA. Her routines were performed and honored at Cedar Crest College and she continues to earn overall high scores and choreography awards at dance competitions!

Joel Gori, Theater – is the Artistic Director of Metamorphosis Performing Company, and resident theater artist at the Institute. He is a movement theater performer and is involved in workshops, seasonal classes and both directing and performing in several Primary Stages Productions. He is a rostered artist with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Arts-In-Education and does theater residencies throughout the state.

Greglynn Gibbs –  will be a guest teacher this summer for Chemistry Creations, with our partnership with PSU Berks Chemistry Department. Greglynn served as Lehigh Valley Public Relations Chair of the American Chemical Society (attending ACS Sparkle Communications training), as the Lehigh Valley unofficial Student Chapter Liaison, and as an ACS Science Coach to Muhlenberg High School. Greglynn has mentored and advised the Penn State Berks Chemical Society, including planning major volunteer activities, finding speakers, as well as networking, attending local networking events, and building partnerships with a dozen organizations. She held résumé, career/internship/REU, and scholarship workshops for students, as well as assisting with grad school, REU, internship, scholarship and other applications.

Rich Houck, Visual Arts – is a painter who enjoys to helping his students think creatively and problem solve through art.  Rich holds a BFA in Painting from the University of the Arts and Certification in Art Education K-12. He has over 20 years of teaching experience.  www.richhouck.com

Janet Klimowski, Music, Dance, Theater– teaches music, theater, dance and choreographs.  Her primary position in the summer is as the Musical Director for Broadway Junior. She is a Philadelphia based professional actress, choreographer, and teaching artist.  Janet is in the process of opening her own theater company in the Philadelphia area; Play it Forward Theatre Company.  The mission is to take educational theatre pieces to schools to allow children to play, explore and learn through the joys of live theatre.  She holds a BFA from The University of the Arts.

Debbi Silas, Broadway Junior Show Director – has spent her life doing what she loves best: working with children. As a Theater professional she has directed, acted and choreographed in numerous productions.  For more than 10 years, she has thoroughly enjoyed directing young people locally at Yocum Institute, Alpha Omega Players, Genesius Theatre, and Reading Community Players (RCP). She most recently directed productions at Reading Civic Theatre (Cinderella) and Fleetwood Community Theater (Children of Eden). In 2009 she was the Theatre for Young Audiences director at Gretna Theatre where she produced five childen’s shows in five weeks. Debbi has accompanied two award winning casts of young actors to the Music Theatre International’s Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Onstage, Debbi’s favorite roles include: Mrs/ Shoemaker in the Elves and the Shoemake (Primary Stages), Ernestina in Hello Dolly (Gretna Theatre), Mrs. Fezziwig in A Christmas Carol (Reading Civic Theatre), Guido’s Mother in Nine (Alpha Omega Players) and Jennyanydots in Cats (Genesius Theatre). In 2010, she retired from a 35 year teaching career, at the same school, in Exeter, as a Life Skills teacher.

Previous Summer Guest Faculty

Ariana Hamidi, Film – Ariana is a l local film/video artist and poet living in Douglassville. She is an adjunct professor at Ursinus College in TV Production, and has a background in teaching full-time in all areas of film, video, animation, photography, and screenwriting at various institutions.  A mom too, she particularly enjoys working with children as animators/filmmakers.

Past Faculty

Julianne Michalik, Music – graduating Westminster Choir College with a degree in Piano and Music Education, Julianne has been instrumental (along with Erinn Sensenig) in making the music component integral to the arts camps.  Not just sing-alongs, the camper will make their own instruments, go on musical scavenger hunts and create new music.

Carrie Moore, Visual Arts – Carrie spent a summer as the Assistant Camp Director. She stepped in a taught aided and did whatever else was needed to help things run smoothly. In the summer of 2015 she is putting her Arts Education Degree from Kutztown to good use and teaching art with us.

Andrew Pochan, Visual Arts – is a visual artist who focuses on painting.  Notable projects include design and painting the set for the Bear Prince, jazz-opera in addition to work with the Reading Theater Project.

Megan Rose,  Theater –   holds her MA in Theater at Villanova, she received her BFA in Acting from Lindenwood University in Missouri in 2006. She also holds a degree in Spanish, and has taught Improvisation in our Theater Department and Spanish in our Language Department. She performed as the Snow Queen in the Primary Stages Production, and has an extensive resume in Theater and Film.

Erinn Sensenig, Music/ Visual Arts – Erinn is a graduate of Westminster Choir College with a Music Education Degree and a focus in Vocal Performance. Erinn started her career as a student of Joel Gori’s Theater Performance Camp. She was 14 at the time (much older than the average participant) but joined up anyway. This led to her acceptance into the Teen Theater Ensemble and ultimately a teaching position for the summer camp department. She and Julianne Michalik have taken the camp block of the multi arts camps to a new level. Yes, she is the one that made the cauliflower trumpet that worked!