POLICIES 2016-2017



  • All tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration. No class enrollment is guaranteed until payment in full is received or a payment plan has been approved by the registrar/business office.
  • No tuition refunds will be given after the first class is completed.
  • Non-refundable drop-in rates are $15.00 per hour (or part of an hour) per class.
  • Semi-private classes for 2 to 3 students can be arranged at a cost of $15.00 per half hour lesson per student.
  • Ten week sessions for private or semi-private classes.
  • Notice to withdraw from a class must be presented in writing. Forms are available from the instructor or the front desk. A withdrawal is effective upon receipt.
  • No tuition refunds will be given after the first class is completed.
  • If a class is canceled by the Institute, then we will have the sole discretion to decide whether to reschedule the class or issue a monetary credit for the cancellation. No payment will be issued for any unused credits. If the credit is not used, then it will be lost and credits are non-transferable.
  • Refunds are issued for the courses cancelled due to insufficient enrollment unless a credit or transfer is requested by the parent and/or student.
  • A $5.00 late fee will be applied to any payment not received within 30 days of its due date.
  • A $30.00 service charge will be issued for any cancelled or dishonored check.
  • All costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees, will be charged for unpaid balances.

School Cancellations and Closings will be posted on the following:

Ongoing Dance Classes

  • Dance classes that are offered for the full year will be billed in four equal installments for each ten week session.
  • For students starting after commencement of a session, on-going classes will be prorated pending class availability.
  • A monthly payment plan is available for dance students enrolled in three or more ongoing classes and a fee of $3 per month will be added. Payments will be due the first day of every month from September through and including May. Payment plans must be arranged with the Registrar at the time of enrollment.
  • Unless a student presents a written withdrawal notice (for either a temporary or a permanent withdrawal) prior to the star of a new session, he/she will be automatically billed at the end of each session for the subsequent session.
  • Costume deposits of $25 per class will be added to the second session bill.
  • All course tuition must be paid in full my May 1st for a child to be able to participate in his/her class recital.
  • All course tuition plan payments must be current or paid in full by January 5th for a child to be able to order a costume for a show or recital.


Private Instruction

  • Private lessons are billed on the number of lessons in each session. This takes into consideration all holidays. All unforeseen Teacher cancellations or school closings will be made up by the end of the fiscal year.
  • Private lessons offered for the school year will be billed in four installments with approximately 10 weeks per session. Summer is billed separately from the school year and requires a new registration.
  • Instruction must be paid for prior to the start of the first class.
  • Notice to withdraw from a class must be presented in writing. Forms are available from the instructor or the front desk. A withdrawal is effective upon receipt. Billing will continue until a withdrawal form is received.
  • Make up classes are only offered if the Institute cancels. There will be no makeups, credits or monetary reimbursement given for student cancellation.
  • There are recitals during the school year. All recitals are free and open to the public. Please check the website for recital dates.
  • The Institute has a “no cancellation” policy. Our teachers have reserved a specific time for your lesson. If you fail to attend a lesson, then you will still be charged for that lesson. If you need to make a change in your lesson time due to another commitment, please see the teacher. Changes may be offered, depending on the teacher’s availability, but are not guaranteed.
  • Leave of absence: Long term absences (more than 2 weeks) for vacation, special situations at school or home, may be granted. You must arrange this with the teacher and fill out the appropriate paperwork a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the planned absence. No credits will be issued retroactive.
  • The Institute reserves the right to suspend or discontinue any student at any time due to lack of interest, extreme absence, behavior problems, tardiness, delinquency in tuition payments, or parental noncompliance with Institute policies.



  • Semester preschool tuition is due no later than August 30th of each year for the 1st semester and January 10th of each year for the 2nd semester.
  • Monthly payment plans are available upon request and a fee of $3 per month will apply. Payments due under an approved payment plan must be paid by the first day of every month from September through May.
  • Withdrawal policy: Official written notification of withdrawal from any Preschool department class must be made to the Preschool office or you will be responsible for payment of the class.
  • If the student has requested to withdraw in writing after the start of classes, but prior to September 23rd, 70% of tuition will be refunded. After September 23rd, no tuition will be refunded or credited.
  • No credits will be given from cancellations due to illness, weather or emergency situations.
  • If the preschool/kindergarten closes due to inclement weather for more than 3 days, the additional days missed will be rescheduled.
  • Discovery 
  • Tuition for Discovery is based on the total number of Discovery classes held during the course of the entire school year. The monthly invoice is based on this total number of sessions, divided by nine (nine months between September to May), so all payments are equal.
  • If a day is missed for Discovery for illness or school cancellation, then it can be made up as long as there are available make-up days. The missed day must be prearranged and made up within 4 weeks.
  • The Institute reserves the right to add and/or delete courses, change times, fees or class instructors at its discretion.